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Exceptional Education/Assistant

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I love working in Special Education classroom, the children bring joy to my heart everyday.  Ms. Cook has many different exciting things to learn for each lesson and many different ways we will explore each of them. Working in special education classroom you see how critical it is to help our students with long term success. Our team of teachers work daily on our students goals, that will increase their learning, vocabulary, math and word recognition. In our classroom we also work with our students to help them with social skills and becoming more independent in school. Each month we will work with all different types of activities that will help our student achieve academic success while expanding their minds and educational needs to the next level.

Rivermont is changing and working with the students to give them the education that they desire is very important to use! S.T.E.A.M Academics is going to be a big part of our classroom. We are going to increase our curriculum to help bring Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math to our studetns, to help increase their critical thinking skills with all different types of critical components that is part of the S.T.E.A.M foundation. Just like the uppper grades but with modification; we will help our students to take on some of the hands-on activities that will be student driven. This is a very important to help them have every experience that we can give them in our classroom. We  love to use innovation to help with all parts of our classroom learning. We work as a team to help our student have more opportnities to learn with exciting lessons that incorpeorate a great learning environment. We do so hope to see you at our school activities. Mrs. Jo-Jo