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Rivermont Elementary Media Center

All students, teachers, administrators and staff are encouraged to use the Library Media Center and check out materials. I am excited to help you and look forward to having you visit.  


Rules for using the Library Media Center Books:

*Treat books with respect

*Read books with clean hands

*Do not write or draw on pages

*Remember not to eat while reading

*Turn pages gently at the corners

*Keep books safe from pets and younger children


Checking Out Books:

K-2 students may check out 1 book at a time

3-5 students may check out 2 books at a time

All books are checked out for a period of one to two weeks


*A student with books that are late may have his or her checkout privileges restricted.

*If you lose a book, tell the Library Media Specialist who will give you time to look for it. *If you damage a book, tell the Library Media Specialist. If we are not able to repair the book, you are expected to pay to replace it.