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Wednesday, March 07, 2018
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Open Enrollment and Zoned

 OPEN ENROLLMENT (for students NOT in the Rivermont Zone)

will be available again for 2018-2019.

Open Enrollment forms will be available beginning May 1st @ 8:15am 

  • Please be advised that bus transportation will not be provided for Open Enrollment Students.
  • Must be a resident of Hamilton County.
  • Placement will be made until school or grade level has reached capacity.
  • Copy of current report card and progress report required for students rising to grades 1-5.
  • Completed form must be submitted by May 31st either to the school's office or HCDE Central Office
  • Please call the school office at 423-870-0610 for more information or to schedule a tour.


Students living in the Rivermont Zone





                                                     PROOF OF RESIDENCE




1.      Acceptable documents (2) in the custodial/guardian’s name:




A.    Current electric, water, gas, phone, cable bills within the last 30 to 60 days


B.     Current lease or mortgage


C.     Agency or court documentation


D.    Government documentation (ex. IRS, SS Disability, TennCare)


E.     Insurance (ex. Medical, Life, Auto, Home)


F.      Employment/Bank






2.      Parents are living with another Family:




A.    Both families come in and sign the affidavit.


(Unless custodial family already has children at this school and living at the same address that is already listed on file and has at least 2 of the above acceptable documents in their name.


B.     Supporting family provides 2 of the following:


Current electric, water, gas, phone or cable bill (within the last 30-60 days); lease with landlord’s name and phone number; mortgage, insurance, Agency or court documentation.


C.     Custodial family must provide exit proof from previous residence, examples (2): termination, final bill proof (OR) documents in their name at the current address AND also a change of address from the Post Office.


D.    Custodial family must also provide certified Birth Certificates and Social Security cards for the children new to Hamilton County.


E.     Custodial family must have Immunization records put on a Tennessee form (this can be done at the Health Department at no charge or your private physician). Also show school proof of a recent physical within a year.




3.      Moving between School Zones:




A.    Custodial parent/guardian must provide termination/exit/transfer-final bill proof from previous address.


B.     Show two (2) different proofs of the new address in the custodial parent/guardian’s name (i.e., utilities, DHS, government documents, insurance, bank, employment).




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