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HCDE School Age Childcare
Posted On:
Wednesday, March 07, 2018

School Age Childcare (SACC) will be available at Rivermont this fall for Grades K-5.

Check their website below for additional information.


FEE PAYMENT All weekly fees must be pre-paid on Monday for  the current week.

There is a $5.00 fee for late payment. Failure to make weekly  fee payments will result in the child(ren)'s dismissal from the SACC  Program. 

Please give your checks (made  payable to Hamilton County Department of Education or HCDE) to the Site  Director of the program.  
If you prefer to pay cash, it should be given to the Site Director and a  receipt will be issued immediately. 

If  you have children in different schools, fees must be paid at the school the child  attends.

We do not offer pro-rated fees. 

A late payment fee will be charged for all payments made later than  Monday.     CHILD  CARE RATES**     (Effective Summer Registration 2014)

RATE BASIS                          NUMBER OF CHILDREN --------------------------------------1            2          3           4                                 Full Day Rate                      $15.00  $22.50     $30.00     $37.50                                 Full Day Weekly Rate            75.00   112.50    150.00   187.50                                 (Including summer care)

AM Weekly Rate                   20.00   30.00       40.00       50.00                                 AM Daily Rate                        4.00     6.00         8.00       10.00

PM Weekly Rate                   30.00   45.00       60.00       75.00                                 PM Daily Rate                         6.00     9.00       12.00       15.00

AM & PM Weekly Rate          50.00   75.00      100.00     125.00                                 AM & PM Daily Rate             10.00    15.00        20.00       25.00

** Rates subject to change

A $10.00 NON‑REFUNDABLE registration fee per child is charged semi-annually for Summer and Fall.

PLEASE make all  checks payable to the Hamilton County Department of Education. To insure proper  credit is given, please write the child(ren)’s name on the check.

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