Beginning of the Year Reading Level Letter  

**Contact Ms. Crabtree if you did not receive this letter!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Dear Parents,


            We have just finished up beginning of the year benchmark testing for reading. The purpose of this test is to find out at what level your child reads, so that I may design lessons specifically at that reading level. This information also allows me to form small groups. We will retest approximately three to four more times this year to measure growth.

            I am also including the grade level correlations for each reading level. If your child is not at fifth grade reading level at the beginning of the year, I will plan additional small group and intervention groups with your child. I will also keep you regularly updated.


Grade Level/Reading Level Correlation Chart


Grade Level

Reading Level














W, X, Y, Z


Your child’s reading level is a level ____________ .


            If your child is reading below 5th grade level, it is critical that you spend time reading with him or her each night. Also, be looking for additional information about how we are supporting your child’s reading learning at Rivermont.

            Please talk with your child about his or her reading level. I will be doing goal setting, so that we can quickly determine how much we want to progress this school year. Please let your child know that feeling defeated if they are not up to grade level at this time is not necessary. We will work diligently throughout the year to see progress. J


                                                                        Thank you,

                                                                        Sara Crabtree

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I have received and understand what my child’s reading level is, and I also understand whether he or she is meeting grade level expectations at this time.


Child’s Name ________________________________


Parent’s Signature _________________________________

Homework Expectations  

Dear 5th Grade Parents,

                  Our agendas have finally arrived! J The fifth grade team wanted to take the opportunity to send this correspondence to ensure that there is clarity when it comes to homework expectations.

                  Each night, your child should have filled out his or her agenda with the day’s homework from each class. This agenda will also be used for teacher and parent communication. The teacher will write any important information in regards to the day’s events in the agenda. This is also the place for you to write notes to the teacher. Your child also has an orange homework folder used to keep track of homework and anything that the teacher has given out that needs to come home for you to see.

                  Your child will also have a reading log to be completed each night. The expectation is that your child reads for a MINIMUM of 20 minutes each night. The child will then fill out the reading log with the date, title of the book, genre, and the number of pages read. You will initial beside the child’s log for the day. Fifth grade will have a competition going between the classes to see which class has the greatest percentage of reading logs completed each day. The homeroom class with the greatest percentage for the day receives a point. The first class to get 15 points will receive a pizza party!

                  Each night, your child is also expected to practice their math facts for 10 minutes. They should have made math flashcards. The Math Facts Log should be filled out with the date, the multiplication facts studied and a parent signature. We will also have a friendly competition between classes to see who can rack up the greatest number of points. The first class to receive 15 points will win a popcorn party.  

                  You can also expect that your child will have a science vocabulary quiz and word work quiz each Friday. Therefore, your child should be encouraged to spend a few minutes with their word work and science vocabulary words each night. Word work words will be written in your child’s agenda each Monday. Word work will begin the week of August 25th. Science vocabulary words are kept in the science notebook that can be brought home daily.

                  This homework should be done each week night, Monday through Thursday, and one time over the weekend. Logs and agenda signatures will be checked DAILY! Those students who complete the reading log and math log and have each log and the agenda signed daily will earn extra rewards! J Remind your child to use time in the car to complete homework, and they may also use the hallway time in the morning if they arrive to school before 8:40.

                  PLEASE go over these homework expectations with your child to ensure they understand. We have talked about them at school as well.

                                                                                          Thank you,

                                                                                          Mrs. Chidester, Ms. Crabtree, and Mrs. Garibaldi