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Apple Smiles!

Students reviewed words beginning with the letter "A." They were provided with a visual recipe Friday and were supported when following directions to make their own snack. This was a fun and educational experience.

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Bald Eagle Snack

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Dinosaur Snacks

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View Fire Drill Surprise!
Fire Drill Surprise!

Mrs. Sandy was caught off guard when helping students create play dough, when a fire drill bell rang. Such a good sport. Even with play dough on her hands, we all made it out in record time!

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Learning Activities photos

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October cooking activities

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Olympic Ring Pretzels

After learning about the Olympic Rings, students participated in a hands on cooking activity and made their own pretzels. After they ate their pretzels they were able to provide their opinion as to how it tasted, the complexity of the preparation, and determined if it was healthy. Students enjoyed this activity and learned about following directions, measurement, temperature, and collaboration,

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