HCS at Home Student & Parent Handbook 2021-2022

Students, Parents, Guardians, and Community Members,

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year at Rivermont Elementary School! Exciting things are taking place, and we cannot wait to share the amazing learning opportunities we have been creating for our students. Teachers, along with their administration and instructional coaches, have been working hard to put together a curriculum that will engage and motivate every learner to reach his or her full potential as thinkers, readers, writers, creators, explorers, and teachers (yes, our students will be teaching us too) in all things S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, with the addition of Art & Design). With that said, this handbook was put together to share “The Rivermont Way” with our stakeholders. It is by no means all encompassing, and additional HCDE Board Policies and Procedures can be accessed at https://www.hcde.org/district/school_board/board_policy

I look forward to working with all stakeholders to make Rivermont Elementary School an amazing place for all to grow and learn! We strive for excellence in every area of your students’ educational experience. If you ever have concerns or questions, please feel free to talk to your child’s teacher, Mrs. Vicki, or me.

Ms. Jill Evans

Rivermont Elementary School follows the HCDE Frameworks for Math and Literacy to help students learn the grade level expectations set forth by the Tennessee State Standards. These can be found at: tn.gov/education

It is our belief that ALL students can learn, and we take the task of preparing your child for the world around them seriously. At R.E.S. academics is based on real-world complex problem solving. We encourage our students to take risks, learn from their choices, and fail forward, or constantly improve themselves rather than focus on a “correct answer.”

Kindergarten through 5th grade hours: 8:45 am-3:45 pm
Pre-K hours: 8:30 am-3:30 pm
Door Open: 8:15 am
Breakfast is Served: 8:15-8:35 am
Tardy Bell: 8:45 am

The office staff is available to take phone calls from 8:45 am-4:00 pm.


For your child’s safety, all doors will be secure (locked) except the garden door Entrance. The sliding glass doors will no longer be open in the mornings. The garden doors at Carter Drive will be opened at 8:15 am. If students are dropped off before 8:15 am, they are unsupervised, so please, for their safety, do not drop children off to stand at the door prior to 8:15 am. Authorities will be contacted if this occurs. All car riders are to enter from Carter Drive. If it is necessary to park, please do so in the parking lot (the large lot beside Hixson Pike). For safety, adults must accompany their student to the door when entering from the parking lot. Please note that all car riders must be dropped off in the circle. Absolutely no car riders will be allowed to enter at the sliding glass door entrance. This door must remain secure to protect our students and staff.
The City of Chattanooga will not allow cars to park on Carter Drive. The City has notified us that all cars are to enter Carter Drive and go up the street and come back down in order to enter on the correct side of the street. Cars that are parked on the incorrect side of the street are subject to be ticketed.  

Parents are not allowed to walk students to the classroom. This requirement will be waived for parents of new students August 8th-12th. This requirement will also be waived for kindergarten parents for their child's first two school days following Phase-in . Beginning August 19th, no parent will be authorized to walk a child to the classroom. Visitor badges will be distributed after 8:15 a.m.

Visits should be planned in advance with the teacher. These visits should NOT be used to conference with the teacher. An appointment should be made with the teacher so that instructional time is not lost or interrupted. Observations need to be scheduled through the administration.

Children are to go straight to the cafeteria for breakfast and Assembly. Breakfast is served to car riders until 8:35 am, on the cafeteria clock. If you know you are going to be late, please make plans to provide your student breakfast. Students who arrive after 8:45 am (with the exception of a late bus) are TARDY. Parents are required to accompany tardy students to the Carter Drive Admissions office and sign them in the tardy book. This is for students’ safety, and we appreciate in advance your compliance with this procedure.

It is best, if at all possible, to have one consistent way that your child goes home each day; however, if you need to change your child’s way of going home (for a day or permanently), the request MUST be made in writing. If the student does not bring a note and verification cannot be made, the student will be sent home his/her regular way. Calls to change a students’ transportation will no longer be accepted (except in cases of emergency).

Early Dismissal: If you need to dismiss your child early from school due to a doctor’s appointment or other scheduled appointment, please do so before 3:15 pm. Any students missing over half of the school day will be counted absent for the day. This means if a student leaves school before 12:15 pm or arrives at school after 12:15 pm, he or she will be marked absent for that date.  Parents, guardians, or designees must sign for the student at the admissions office before he/she can be dismissed. NO students, for their safety, will be dismissed from the classroom teacher without being signed out first in the office.  No early dismissals after 3:15 pm.

Students being picked up in an automobile must be picked up through the car line.  Every car rider will be given a dismissal card for identification. This card is to be displayed in the car window with the student’s name facing the passenger side so it can easily be read by staff. If you need additional cards, they are available in the admissions office. Students will NOT be dismissed to a car without a Rivermont dismissal card. Cars that do not have the card visible will be asked to park in the parking lot (not the car rider line). You must go into the office and show proper identification to dismiss the child.
The City of Chattanooga will not allow cars to park on Carter drive. The City has notified us that all cars are to enter Carter Drive and go up the street and come back down in order to enter on the correct side of the street. Cars that are parked on the incorrect side of the street are subject to be ticketed.

The right of all pupils to ride on school buses is conditional on the good behavior and observance of the following rules and regulations:

Students are expected to abide by Rivermont Elementary’s behavior expectations on the bus.
Students should plan to arrive approximately 10 minutes prior to the scheduled arrival time of their bus. The drivers strive to stay on schedule however, traffic and/or weather conditions can affect their actual arrival time at your stop.
Students shall be at the bus stop at the scheduled time. The bus schedule does not allow additional time to wait for those students who are tardy. Students shall stand a safe distance from the flow of traffic at the bus stop and wait until the bus door is open before moving toward the bus. They shall not play on highways or streets.
While the bus is loading or unloading, students shall enter or leave the bus promptly and in an orderly manner.
Students shall conduct themselves in such a manner that they will not disturb other riders on the bus or distract the attention of the bus driver.
The use of abusive or obscene language is strictly forbidden at all times.
Students are not permitted to bring knives or sharp objects of any kind, firearms, pets or other living animals on the bus.
Students shall not tamper with any of the safety devices such as door latches and fire extinguishers.
Students shall not shout or make gestures toward anyone outside the bus.
Students shall not extend their hands, arms, head, or any other part of their body through the window.
Students shall not deface or litter the bus. They shall not write on the bus, damage seats, or throw paper, food or other objects on the floor of the bus, nor from the bus. Unnecessary abuse of the school bus by a pupil, e.g., cut seats, broken glass, etc., will result in that pupil becoming ineligible for transportation. Said pupil shall become eligible again only when payment is made for damages and assurances given that the abuse will not recur.
Food or drinks may not be consumed on the bus.
Students shall keep aisles of the bus clear in order to admit passage in the aisle.
Students shall not ask the driver to let them off the bus at any other place except their regular stop.
Students who must cross the road or highway to enter the bus are encouraged to wait until the bus comes to a complete stop and the driver has signaled them to cross in front of the bus.
Students who must cross the road after leaving the bus in the afternoon shall go to a point on the shoulder of the road ten feet in front of the bus and cross the road only after the driver has signaled them to cross.
The driver has the authority to assign a student a seat at any time.
Pupils are to ride the bus to which they are assigned based on their place of residence.
Transportation is not provided for a group of children to ride a different bus in order to attend a party, Scout meeting, etc.
In the event of an emergency, with a written request from the parent or guardian, the principal may approve a student to ride a bus other than his or her normal bus on a one time basis.
If a student receives a behavioral referral from a bus driver, the referral will be mailed home, and the parent/guardian will be notified of consequences, which could include loss of bus privileges.

We ask that all students’ have a loving adult review these bus expectations with them, whether your child rides the bus daily or not, as all students will ride the bus on field trips.
For additional information concerning bus transportation:  www.hcde.org/bustransportation

Time is our most precious resource, and we guard the instructional time we have with our students. For this reason, please follow the following guidelines to help us avoid the interruptions of the precious instructional time, and to keep our students safe:

The Raptor Security System is now installed at Rivermont.  Bring your driver's license or other government issued photo ID.  When approved, the system will print your Visitor's Pass.
• ALL visitors to R.E.S., according to TCA 49-2-203-(b)(4), are required to first stop and sign in at the school’s main office immediately upon entering the building. Once at the office, please inform staff of your name and reason for visiting. Please check out with the office before leaving the building.
• Meetings with teachers or staff should be prearranged, as to not interrupt instructional time.
• If you are seen having impromptu parent/teacher conferences with a teacher during instructional time, you will be kindly asked to make an appointment during non-instructional time. For this reason, written communication is encouraged.

R.E.S. is focused on learning, and our goal is to keep students focused on learning during the school day. For this reason, we ask that celebrations not related to learning, for example, birthday celebrations take place outside of school. Please do not distribute party invitations at school. Please do not send balloons, flowers, or edible bouquets to students at school for the safety of students with allergy concerns.
To visit your child at lunch, please call The Café in advance or send a note with your child. This ensures that the cafeteria staff prepare enough meals for the day. The Cafe's telephone number is (423)870-0612. School menus & meal costs can be found at www.hcde.org/breakfast/lunchmenus

Please sign in each time you visit and wear your volunteer badge. Teachers and students are depending on you, so if you have committed to serving, please be on time. Likewise, the school will contact you asap if there should be a reason for cancellation of volunteers. If you must be absent to a commitment, please notify the front desk so that they can let the teacher know as soon as possible. Please leave the work of disciplining students to the teachers and staff. If you have concerns, please notify the nearest teacher or staff member. Familiarize yourself with safety routines and procedures and adhere to these when present. Thank you in advance for your help and support.

In place at Rivermont is a systematic support that positively impacts our school climate, culture, and involves all stakeholders.
Please know that Rivermont Elementary School staff are doing all that we can to ensure the safety of our students while they are in our care. We practice routines and procedures at the beginning of the year and hold students to the following School-Wide Expectations, or “ROAR”:
1. Be Respectful
2. Be On Task
3. Always Be Safe
4. Be Responsible
We will discuss with our students what this “looks like” and “sounds like” in the various areas of our building, including arrival and dismissal zones, and we hope that you too will model these expectations for your student whenever you are at Rivermont Elementary.


As a student of Rivermont School,
I’ll respect myself and others too.
I’ll be on task, on time, never late.
I’ll make good choices, always safe.
I’ll be responsible for every chore.
I’m a Rivermont Tiger,
Hear me ROAR!

Tiger Team is a school-wide incentive program designed to motivate and reward students for maintaining high academics, impeccable behavior, and superb attendance. Each 9-weeks, students that maintain the following criteria will be awarded Tiger Team status:
• Academics: Students must maintain Star Roll (All A’s) or Honor Roll (A’s and B’s) for that 9 weeks
• Behavior: Students must maintain role-model behavior and have received no referrals for the 9 weeks (including bus)
• Attendance: Students must maintain 100% attendance (including tardies) for the 9 weeks

We expect students to exhibit acceptable and cooperative behavior in all areas of the school. Discipline for inappropriate behavior will be at the discretion of the staff. In addition to our school-wide behavior expectations, additional grade and class specific guidelines and procedures will be implemented for the safety and well-being of students.
Students who behave in a way that is not in compliance with our school-wide expectations are subject to consequences. Behaviors that will result in administration involvement in consequences include, but are not limited to the following:

• Physical Harm (Hitting, Kicking)
• Foul Language
• Disrespect of Others (Students & Adults)
• Bullying
• Leaving Boundaries Without Permission
Minor disciplinary information may be communicated to you from your child’s teacher via your student’s agenda-mate. If your student has major disciplinary needs, you will receive a phone call from administration, and the written disciplinary information will be mailed to your home address.

Parents are encouraged to communicate with the school on a regular basis. Because we believe communication is important, R.E.S. will use many different tools to communicate with you, and it is our hopes that you will also find these tools an effective way to communicate with us.

• Blue Folder: This folder will come home weekly and contain the following: Graded papers, information about school events, homework, and other important information. It is important that you review the Blue Folder weekly with your child and sign that you have reviewed it.
• School Website:  www.res.hcde.org
• School Phone Number: (423) 870-0610
• SchoolMessenger: Recorded telephone updates, including weather related updates, upcoming events, and early dismissals. Please make sure the office always has a working and up-to-date phone number for this system to work effectively.


Homework is meant to be additional communication tool between the parent/guardian and the teacher. Homework should be reinforcement of skills/concepts being taught in the classroom. If you see your child is having difficulty with their homework, or you are concerned about the amount of homework being assigned, please contact your child’s teacher to set up a conference. Homework folders will come home school-wide on Monday and will include that week’s homework. Each family can decide the pace at which their child is most comfortable completing the week’s homework. Keep in mind that word study/spelling concepts and math facts should be studied nightly, as students are tested on these weekly throughout the school year, and will help your student develop life-long study habits. Completed homework, to be turned back in to the teacher in the same folder, is due back at school the following Monday.

R.E.S. is a 1:1 school (one device per student) in grades 3rd-5th. Each 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade family will receive information related to our school’s and the district’s technology policies prior to student’s use of school technology. For this reason, your child should not need a personal device at school. The school will not be liable for damaged or lost technology brought from home to school. Students who do not comply with our school’s and district’s technology procedures are subject to consequences, including loss of technology privileges. www.technologyusepolicy

Rivermont Elementary School complies with HCDE Board Policies regarding attendance. These policies can be found at: https://www.hcde.org/district/school_board/board_policy 

Work will not be given ahead of time for unexcused absences. For excused absences, students will have five school days to make up missed assignments.

All learning expeditions are designed and implemented to further students’ understanding of classroom learning. Teachers will inform parents/guardians of date, time, place, cost, and purpose of each learning expedition. Parents/guardians must sign permission slips prior to each expedition. Children will not be allowed to leave the school grounds without a signed permission slip. Students who are unable to attend the learning expedition will have the opportunity to deepen their learning of the same standards in the school setting.
Parents will sometimes be asked to chaperone learning expeditions. When parents volunteer for this opportunity, we ask that they not bring other children (younger siblings, etc.) so that they can fully support students in their learning on the expedition.

The staff and students at R.E.S. will practice safety, fire, and tornado drills. These plans are posted in each classroom and available at the school office upon request.

Medication will not be dispensed to students without proper written permission forms completed by the parent and the school nurse,   She can be reached at (423) 870-0610. This information must be updated when there is a change in dosage or time of medication, and new permission forms must be completed at the beginning of each new school year. Once permission forms are completed, medication must be brought to the school office by a parent or guardian in the original prescription bottle, and should be refilled in like manner.  Parents and proper authorities will be notified if unapproved (undocumented) medication is found on a student, or parents/students found not to be in compliance with the above guidelines. This includes Tylenol, cough syrups, and antibiotics.


Sick children need to stay at home so that they can not only rest and recuperate, but also avoid spreading germs and illness to others.  Children who become sick with a temperature at school will be required to be picked up by a parent/guardian/approved loving adult. In the event of student illness and/or accident, the school will follow these procedures:
• School Nurse, if available, will assess health needs
• School nurse will contact parent/guardian.  If unable to contact parent/guardian, the school nurse will contact the person(s) listed on the students’ emergency contact card.  If unable to contact an emergency contact, the school nurse will notify the family physician
• In an emergency, the school nurse will call 9-1-1 or other medically necessary resources as well as contact the parent/guardian
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