Supply List 

Pre-K Supply List

Pre-K Requirements

1)  A blanket or towel to lay on and something to cover up with

2)  A change of clothes

3)  Water Bottle


Pre-K Wish List

1)  Clorox Wipes (2)

2)  Sidewalk Chalk

3)  Finger paint

4)  Sandwich size Ziploc bags

5)  Gallon sized Ziploc bags

6)  Kleenex (2)

7)  24 box of Crayola Crayons

8)  Baby Wipes

9)  Lysol Spray

10)      Elmer Liquid Glue (2)

11)       Box of Play Doh

12)      Colored Pencils

You are not obligated to buy anything from our list but we appreciate all that you do!